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She thinks she's pretty smart – calling him from a "restricted" number.

The following are the most common searches that our clients request.
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We conduct Background Searches based on the following information from you:

Search Based on Unlisted Phone Numbers

If all you have is a landline phone number, we can give you the name of the subscriber and his/her address within 24 hours. You pay us only if we’re able to get you the details.

Search Based on Cell Phone Numbers

Simply provide us the cell phone number and we will give you details of the subscriber and the billing address in around 24 hour. You don’t pay if we fail to get the details.

Search for Someone’s Cell Phone Number

Do you need to find out someone’s cell phone number? Simply give us a few details, such as his/her name, social security number and date of birth and we will get their cell phone number for you. We take around 2 days to complete the search. You pay only if we are successful.

Search Based on a Disconnected Phone Number

Have an old landline or cell phone number and wish to find out the new number? Simply give us the old number, name and the last address available to you and we will find the new landline or cell phone number. We will find the details within 3 days. Pay us only if we’re able to find the new number.

Comprehensive Information of an Individual

Furnish us with all the past and present details that you have about the individual. We will give you details such as the current marital status, alias name (if any), new contact details, information on property holdings, licenses owned – both professional and personal, and other similar details. Different states have different laws and thus the extent of details we can offer is different for each state. You may contact your case manager for what type of details can be found for you. We will find these details in about 12 to 24 hours.

Search for Social Security Number

If you are fighting a court case and require a social security number, we will find it for you. You would need to provide us with details like the individual’s name, estimated age and last contact details available to you. However, for this search we require proof of legal documentation from your lawyer or attorney and the courts before we give you the social security number. We will conduct the search and find the number for you within a day.

Criminal Background Search

Simply give us a few details of the individual, such as name, social security number, date of birth and the state in which he/she was convicted. We will gather the details of his/her criminal records, such as date of arrest, reason of conviction and time served. If you require a search in multiple states, you would need to contact our case manager who will give you details of the pricing.

Marriage Information Search

Wondering when two people got married? Give us the bride and groom’s names, the county and state where their marriage took place. We will find out the day of the wedding or give you a certification of the marriage.

Search Based on Divorce Cases

Give us the names of the groom and bride, the county and state they belong to and the approximate year when they might have been divorced. We will give you details of the divorce docket number, hard copies of the divorce decree and other information on the divorce case. This search might result in plaintiffs and defendants reasons for the divorce, custody determination and monetary settlements. However, these searches are restricted in certain states, so a case manager would need to be contacted to determine what kind of information can be given to you.

Search Based on Vehicle License Plate Number

What if you only have the license plate number of a person’s motor vehicle? Don’t fret. Simply give us the number and state or the motor vehicle’s VIN. We will provide you the driver’s name and address. Note that some states do not permit the release of such information.

Search for Details of a Driver’s Conduct

Simply give us the name of the driver, his/her social security number and date of birth or the driver’s license number. We will gather information on the driver’s whereabouts for the last 7 to 10 years, accidents that he/she might have been involved in, DUI’s and points/tickets. We would require 3 to 5 days to conduct this search.

Pre-Marital Search

About to get married and wish to find out more before taking the leap? We investigate an individual’s past relationships and affairs and give you details of his/her honesty and faithfulness. Seek advice from a case manager for more details.

Search Based on Internet Dating

We use state-of-the-art techniques and expertise to find out whether a new friend that you have made online is reliable. A case manager would guide you about the best course of action.

Search for History of Salary and Employment

Give us an individual’s name, contact details, social security number and date of birth. We will find you the professional history of the individual, including his/her current work and salary as per the employer. We require approximately 2 days for finding you the details.

Search for Individual’s Bank and Asset Details

Simply give us the individual’s name, contact details, social security number, date of birth and the state the individual belongs to. We will give you details like the name of the bank, account type, partial account number, and the balance in his/her account. We also conduct searches to determine money market accounts, stocks & bonds and safety deposit boxes. A case manager would be able to guide you with more advice. This search requires around 5 days for completion.

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